Powertivity Pro (2 years)

2,50$ per month
(for 24 months)



The Powertivity Pro app is a powerful complement to Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

It will provide you with numerous additional features, to boost your productivity. You can then focus on the reasoning and the best way to deliver your message. Those features include among others:

  • Create personal reference slides, share with a team of with other users
  • Create and maintain “Table of Content” slides and Executive Summary
  • Create standard shapes (like columns, boxes…)
  • Move,  resize and split shapes in an efficient manner
  • Create a project planning, including tasks, delays and events
  • Add efficient icons, such as Harvey balls, Check marks and Color lights
  • Create impactful charts, such as Waterfalls, Marimekkos, Org charts, Spider charts
  • Dispatch easily slides or shapes to multiple contributors

This product is a professional-grade version, valid for 2 years, for one user on one machine.
Discover here the differences between Powertivity and Powertivity Pro.

It requires a compatible version of Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows (2007 and above).


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One user on One machine