Brushed drawing

Brush drawings

An easy way to create hand-drawn drawings, directly from PowerPoint. Select you brush style, apply it to a hand-drawn curve. This will create an original drawing, Give it a try for free!    

Harvey balls screen

Harvey balls

Harvey balls are graphical icons (looking as small pies) commonly used to show qualitative assessments, in a scale from 0 (empty pie) to 4 (full pie). They are commonly used in comparisons to indicate how an item meets a given criterion. This feature provides an easy way to create and update Read more…

Numbered screen


Ever had to number shapes, paragraphs, or slides? And then, because of a new one or a deleted one, had to start all over again? This feature is right for you: number easily, update numbers, and structure your presentation in a consistent way. You can include round numbers, square numbers, Read more…

Word cloud

Word cloud

A Word Cloud is a graphical representation of words, usually associated to the frequency of each one (more frequent words are shown bigger). It is useful to convey a non-analytical message, and to support a discussion around imagination and semantic. You can now create those Clouds directly from PowerPoint, playing on its Read more…

Trafic lights screen

Traffic lights

Traffic lights are central in every reporting slide or presentation. Some items are ok (green), some medium (orange), some others need critical attention (red). This feature provides an easy way to create and update those indicators. You can associate them to slides, shapes, table cells, paragraphs… Give it a try Read more…