Collaborative hands

Team slides

Within a team, share securely presentations, reference slides and templates ; You can create and manage multiple teams, with selected people inside our outside your organization. All  people in the team can contribute and use the slides shared. No need to setup complex authorizations, firewall parameters or IT infrastructure. Only Read more…

Spider charts


A simple way to note what’s still to be done in a presentation. With multiple stickers per slide and 2 levels of priority, you can detail the remaining tasks in a visible way. A one-click extract of the relevant slides allows to dispatch them by email to others. Give it Read more…

Language-checked text

Review markup

With this feature, you can easily track the modifications of your presentation since your last reference creation. People collaborating with you won’t need to have the Powertivity app, won’t be able to alter your markup display, and may not know revision tracking is activated. Give it a try for free!

Trafic lights screen

Traffic lights

Traffic lights are central in every reporting slide or presentation. Some items are ok (green), some medium (orange), some others need critical attention (red). This feature provides an easy way to create and update those indicators. You can associate them to slides, shapes, table cells, paragraphs… Give it a try Read more…

World map

Key slides

Ever dreamt of having all your reference slides at your fingertips? And in practice had to endlessly dig in previous presentations to find those back? Save your reference slides (key slides) with one click. Select and insert them back easily into your current presentation. Give it a try for free!

Gantt graph


Create and maintain a planning (aka Gantt chart) on a slide, inserting tasks, sub tasks, events, current date… When you update the displayed time-range,  all the items (tasks, sub tasks, events) will be moved accordingly. Give it a try for free!

Spider charts


Identify in your presentations the responsible (person or organization) in charge of completing selected sections (e.g. slides, shapes, table cells). Send to each of the contributors sub-presentations containing exclusively what they need to complete or update. Aggregate back the various contributions in the original presentation, in order to get a Read more…

Table of content

Table of content

Generate automatically Table-of-Content slides (or ToC) that will separate sub-sections of your presentation. Update them automatically across your presentation, and avoid lengthy modifications each time for instance you refine one of the sections item! Try it for free!

Marimekko graph

Marimekko charts

Marimekko charts are charts based on 2D Stacked Chart, but varying both data heights and columns widths. It is used for instance to display a market (the whole chart area), sub-markets (columns of various widths) and competitive players addressing those markets (data within each columns). You can easily create and Read more…

Powertivity pro screen

Waterfall charts

Waterfall charts are charts that help understanding the cumulative impact of positive or negative values applied in a sequence. It is used for instance to detail a cost structure or the allocation of a revenue. You can easily create and update those charts with the Powertivity app. Give it a try Read more…